Surviving Breast Cancer

Cathedral in Spain

Whether By Life or By Death

Being diagnosed with breast cancer was one of those unexpected, terrifying, and yet strangely liberating experiences. Unexpected in that it had never occurred to me I would have breast cancer since the other women in my family didn’t have it. Terrifying in that I had always feared a fatal uterine or stomach cancer after my mother’s death from cancer. Liberating because I faced one of my greatest fears, renewed my faith in God, survived an experience I had promised myself I would never allow to happen to me, and rediscovered what was important in life.

After this health ordeal was over, I was asked to give a testimonial at church about how this experience had impacted my faith. Because of the response, I decided to write my testimonial out to share with others who I hoped might be encouraged as they face their own crucibles of life.

Click on the link to read the testimonial.


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  1. Meg
    Sep 19, 2016 @ 20:48:25

    I found your blog today. Somehow a post from Writer’s Digest led me here. I am an aspiring writer who is unable to write as much as I desire (in a creative context) due to my health. I am facing surgery soon, which has yet to be scheduled. My injury is in my lower neck and writing for long periods causes tremendous discomfort-mostly the next day. My pain meds and muscle relaxers hinder me in my creative efforts as well. My head gets fuzzy! I completely understand your own frustrations with health or the need to write productively and creatively.
    Just to put my own situation in perspective => If I don’t have surgery, my life is not in danger the way your life was in danger from cancer and chemo but it’s still difficult for me to endure this time when I am unable to do what I love to do. I saw my own family yesterday and also a few close friends. They are all very supportive and sympathetic to my situation. When I filled them in on the status of my condition, one friend told me that she had overcome breast cancer and, like you, had had a mastectomy. Breaks my heart to imagine what you two have endured! What I have is not the same but I do appreciate how you have shared your story as it helps me to put things into perspective. I’ve spent much of the last year and a half trying to learn as much as I can about writing fiction. This is how I am coping. Since I cannot write very well right now, I can still read about the writing process and learn to write fiction and perhaps I will write a book one day. I’m intrigued by your book – The Writer’s Compass and I’ve seen this book on the blogs of writers who list books they recommend for the novice writer. It’s on my “buy list”. I will probably spend the next week or so reading your old posts to full my head with more writing knowledge. I never seem to get enough!
    Since you haven’t posted in almost 3 years-I hope you are well and that your writing life is fulfilling in the way you desire. Thank you so much for sharing your trials. And thank you in advance for posting so much of your knowledge here for aspiring writers, like me.


    • Nancy Ellen Dodd
      Sep 23, 2016 @ 00:57:31

      Meg, thank you for your post. I am doing very well. Due to time, teaching, university and family commitments, I find it is very difficult to find time to add to my blogs. In fact, I am currently in a PhD program to extend my education and storytelling knowledge. My best wishes for your writing. You might try tape recording your thoughts for the time being and transcribing them later. Or, I knew someone who used one of those voice-to-texts programs to work on his book and it has since been published. Best wishes.


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