Sometimes Everything Goes Wrong

Although everything went wrong, Saturday, July 23, I gave a presentation to a great writing group, the Inland Empire CWC, at the Barnes & Noble in Montclair Plaza.

First off, I chose the wrong blouse and discovered that my buttons kept popping open on the front of my blouse. Fortunately, it was an informal presentation, and we were all sitting, giving me a chance to hunch my shoulders forward and frequently check my buttons.

I knew in advance that my PowerPoint presentation wouldn’t work out, so I brought flip charts to draw out the diagrams as we talked. However, I learned the night before I left that the flip chart stand I borrowed from the office was missing a screw, and so I couldn’t use it to hold up the flip chart for me to draw on.

Fortunately, I took along some flip chart pages on which I’d already created diagrams and visual aids, and because they have post-it note stickiness at the top, I was able to press them onto the flip chart and lean them against my knees on the floor, remember we were all sitting. A kind gentleman offered to serve as a tripod and held up the flip chart so everyone could see it better.

Because I only had an hour, with about two hours of material, I tried to whip through the information to allow time for a couple of writing exercises and questions. I also brought along handouts. There were wonderful responses to the two exercises we did and some great questions.

By the way, their members range from one twelve-year-old, who recently self-published a book of her short stories, to a 79-year-old woman with screenplays under consideration, and several award-winning writers.

It was great fun and as always, I loved the opportunity to share what I’ve learned about writing.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Patricia Anne Pierce-garcia Schaack
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 08:09:50

    I find your article very humorous because I have been in similar situations on one or two occasions and find them to be very rewarding. It is nice to know that someone else experiences times like these also and comes out of them feeling great!


  2. terry
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 18:37:28

    is there an update on a kindle release?




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