What Was Your Last Unwanted Advice?

Recently I was meeting with a friend and we were discussing her book that is coming out soon. I wanted to help her out and was giving her my “advice” on what I’ve learned. Finally she said, “I’m paying a PR firm a lot of money, I think I’ll take their advice first.”

I was stunned and a little hurt, after all I was well-meaning, but I think she did me a favor. She helped me to see that sometimes people don’t want our advice.

Being a mother and a teacher, I forget that sometimes other people just want someone to talk, not to listen to you tell them what to do. The first clue is when they argue with everything you say—a clear indicator you can’t offer a solution, instead just offer an ear.

When was the last time you offered to “help” someone by imparting your intelligent responses to how they should handle the issues in their life? Or when was the last time you had to sit through a bucket-load of advice from someone else?


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