New Year’s for Writers

Donna Renzulli, author of the children’s book “Dangerous Reading,” posted an interview with me on her blog “A Writing Primate” as an inspiration for New Year’s resolutions for writers.

Below are the questions she asked:

  1. Tell us what you mean by developing a “mind-set” for writing, and how important is it to the creative process?
  2. You equate story-telling with building a house: foundation, adding structure of walls and roof, the flooring, painting and adding designer touches. Elaborate for us the use of the 7 stage process described in your book which maps out the writing of a story with beginning, middle and end.
  3. What recommendations can you give to a writer who is blocked about writing a certain idea, but can’t seem to get a handle on it?
  4. What if you already have a rough draft or even a completed manuscript, how can your book, The Writer’s Compass help the writer?
  5. Building tension is important to any story line. What tools/ideas would you recommend on how to do this naturally in developing this sense of urgency?
  6. Tell us a little about what you are currently working on?
  7. Please give us an eight-word description of your life.

For the answers, check out her website at


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