Learning Case Writing

I spent a week studying case writing at the Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario, Canada. Very interesting format to learn and a great intensive workshop taught by Professors Michiel R. Leenders and James A. Erskine who have collaborated on case writing and taught innumerable workshops for 30 years.

Case writing is about telling a story with facts. It is a different format than storytelling and it serves a purpose in that what you leave out is what you want others to figure out for themselves. The purpose of case writing is to educate students about business concepts, theories, and practices using actual events and figuring out how to solve dilemmas or how to figure out how to handle events from real life situations. Sometimes students figure out what they would do given the facts in play with a particular set of circumstances, and sometimes the student learns how the organization handled the situation, the decision, and the outcome.

It is a fascinating form of writing and I’m hoping to see how I can use tools fromThe Writer’s Compassto write better cases.


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