“The Hero”

In 2002 actor and producer Kevin Sizemore told me he wanted to produce “The Hero” a short story that I wrote and had turned into a play that took place during the Vietnam War. He connected with Shawn Fornari to direct the film and they asked me to change the setting to the conflict in Afghanistan after 9/11, which I did. The film received some recognition at short film festivals and is 34 minutes long prior to credits. Click the blue image to the left or go to http://www.spike.com/video-clips/j9hp28/the-hero.
The Hero

"The Hero"

Story and Screenplay by Nancy Ellen Dodd (Nancy Dodd Cates)
Directed by Shawn Fornari
Actors Kevin Sizemore, Anthony Griffith, and Roy Cummins
Directory of Photography Steven Fraasa
Film Edited by Dave Craig
Music by Jeff Vincent



Watch This Award Winning Video

short video

Kevin Sizemore in Useless

Kevin Sizemore

My friend Kevin Sizemore recently participated in a wonderful short film. Click on this link http://www.uselessmovie.com/  or on the image above to see it.

My Father’s Footsteps

A few years ago a few of us got together to create a series of videos to accompany Mark Manassee’s sermons at Culver Palms Church of Christ in Culver City.

This is a short inspirational film that we created. Click on the picture to link to the video. I hope you enjoy it.

footstep in sand

My Father's Footsteps