Surviving Breast Cancer

Cathedral in Spain

Whether By Life or By Death

Being diagnosed with breast cancer was one of those unexpected, terrifying, and yet strangely liberating experiences. Unexpected in that it had never occurred to me I would have breast cancer since the other women in my family didn’t have it. Terrifying in that I had always feared a fatal uterine or stomach cancer after my mother’s death from cancer. Liberating because I faced one of my greatest fears, renewed my faith in God, survived an experience I had promised myself I would never allow to happen to me, and rediscovered what was important in life.

After this health ordeal was over, I was asked to give a testimonial at church about how this experience had impacted my faith. Because of the response, I decided to write my testimonial out to share with others who I hoped might be encouraged as they face their own crucibles of life.

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